Chairman’s Notes

It was a breath of fresh air to read the new chairman’s programme notes, so helpfully published on the official site the other day. As a collective, City fans have been bemoaning the lack of communication and updates for some time and it seems as though the club are finally listening.

Steve Shore covered a range of topics, addressing a plethora of concerns which had been previously raised; everything from the state of the pitch to an absence of any real updates on the progress of the long-running takeover saga.

Betsi’s racecourse connections seem to be paying dividends, with leading horse-racing betting house Totesport secured as primary sponsor and a number of procedures and staff carrying over to the football club too.

It was good to be re-assured about the condition of the playing surface, something which came under a lot of criticism recently when images were released showing it in a sorry state of repair. Two home friendlies later though and it looks like things in that area are back on track.

It was also interesting to read Steve’s comments about how he does keep abreast of the goings on on the Soapbox too. Supporters expressing their opinions and concerns on there clearly have a chance of them reaching the people at the very top, something which greatly reinforces the value of the well-run and active message board which we’re lucky enough to have.

This level of communication is clearly what fans have been craving for some time and as long as things continue in the same vein, I think the connection between club and the rest of us will be positive. It’s been a bit of a tumultuous relationship between the board of Chelmsford City FC and it’s fans over recent years and the new owners will have their work cut out to get some supporters back on side, but regular and comprehensive communications like this one are definitely a step in the right direction.

Up the City!

Read the full notes here