Chris Dickson on his career, playing with Chelmsford and his hopes for the season

After his debut today, Jack spoke to new Clarets signing Chris Dickson.

Hi Chris, you made your debut for Chelmsford City today against Whitehawk. How do you think your first game went?
Yeah it went well to be fair. Obviously, I came on at half time and I felt I made a bit of an impact. The gaffer asked me to spread the play and just keep running in behind and luckily at my age I’ve still got a little bit of pace left about me!

You are quite experienced as well, you’ve done a bit of globetrotting during your career playing in China, Cyprus and places like that.
I’ve definitely been about! It was time to come home for a bit and we’ll see what happens in the future. Cyprus and China were great experiences that took me to a higher level of football as well and obviously, I enjoyed every minute of it!

Obviously, people knew Rod Stringer was talking to a few different strikers recently. He has now decided to go with you, that must give you a confidence boost that he rates you above other strikers?
Definitely. The call came out of the blue to be honest, I didn’t realise. To be fair he did mention to me that he was looking at a few strikers and I’m just happy to be the one. He said to me: “You are the one”, so hopefully I can start banging goals in!

You are a player who played non-league with a good scoring record, you then moved to Charlton. That must have been great for you as a young player to go to them as they were in the Premier League at the time.
Yeah it was an amazing experience for me. I was at Erith, then moved to Dulwich. I was only there for half a season and that was probably the best season of my career to be honest and Charlton came knocking and it was a whirlwind to be honest, to go from non-league to Premier League but you have to take it on board and learn from every experience.

You’ve trained with the squad already and have now played alongside them. Do you think that this squad can get playoffs this season, or maybe even go up?
Definitely. We’ve got every reason and there’s enough ability within the squad to definitely get playoffs. Obviously, going up automatically is a bonus and hopefully Maidenhead start slipping up and the other teams don’t capitalise as well, we have more than a chance of still winning the league. Just from one training session and today, you can see there is enough quality here to go on a good run and get into the playoffs.

Back to today, you came on, got the three points, hard earned win. You also seemed very confident, trying the rabona crosses and trying to flick the ball and be a bit clever with it.
I don’t do that a lot really. I think I was trying to knock the rust off to be honest with you because the rabona didn’t really come off, but it will come off! Literally, I am a confidence player at the end of the day and once I get the confidence, the goals will flow and that’s it really and I had to put on a bit of a performance for the fans you know!