Cornhill: I want to bring the good times back to Chelmsford

Speaking to Jack Mckechnie, Max Cornhill had his say on his personal aims and expectations for the season ahead, as well what he hopes the new-look Chelmsford City Football Club can achieve this coming campaign.

Max CornhillFirstly welcome back to Chelmsford. What are your immediate thoughts upon your return?
The club is looking to bring back the good times. By that I mean pushing to win the league or to get in the play offs, which hopefully will be an exciting season to be part of.

You were part of the last City team to make the playoffs, where we came so close against Salisbury. Do you believe that Rod can take the squad that little bit further than Glenn managed to?
I think with all the current squad signing back and the new signings I don’t see why we can’t push to win the league and if not win it defo make play offs. If Rod can achieve half of what Glen (gaffer) did when I was there then it will be a fantastic season.

Last time you were here, you left to join Dartford in the Conference Premier. Do you think playing at a higher level has helped you improve since leaving City?
I think pushing yourself to play at the highest against so called better players makes u become a better player and I think during my spell in the conference prem I became a better and more rounded player than I was before. I would say I probably did most of my learning at Chelmsford watching and listening to the older players at the time like Dave Rainford, Justin Miller Adam Tann and David Bridges.

As you may know, Chelmsford are the subject of a takeover deal by Jade Global Group. Do you think that, if the deal goes through, it will provide a boost to the squad?
I think any takeover deal will help the club reach their goals weather it’s to bring in more players to strengthen the squad or to build foundations for the club.

As an experienced member of the squad, are you going to lend help and advice to the younger players such as Harry Morgan?
I will hopefully help the younger players in training and on match days as much as I can to get the best out of them for them team and themselves.

You popped up to score important goals in your last spell at City. Do you hope to do the same again this time around?
As an attacking midfielder I always plan to score as many goals as I can. I set my self a target every season and will try my very best to achieve it. There is no better feeling than scoring goals but at the end of the day it’s a team game and all that matters at the end are the 3 points.

You mentioned you set yourself a goal target each year. What is yours for next season?
For a midfielder I think double figures is the target and once u get there you keep pushing yourself to get more.

Finally, do you have a message to give to the Chelmsford fans ahead of the new season?
I hope to bring some of the good old times back to Chelmsford City football club. And put them back where they belong at the top of the league. So if all the fans stick by us through the good times and the bad times we will give them a season to remember which they all deserve.

Many thanks to Max for answering some questions for ClaretArmy. We wish him and the team the best of luck for the season ahead.