Derby Day, Who Are The Clarets Biggest Rivals?

Note- I started writing this a few months back…

So, I’ve sat and twiddled my thumbs for a few hours, staring at my Claret scarf on my wall and looking at what City fixtures I can make it to before Christmas, and found myself looking at the final week of the year, and two names stared me in the face- Braintree and Billericay. Now, not only is this a week of big games for City-very important points at stake-I came across an internal dilemma; which team do I dislike more? Braintree have their delusion, Billericay have their plastic support, Concord absolutely stink, Dartford- well I do love Dartford away- but they are from Kent. So I put it to the people in a poll, and this was the results:

Braintree 45%

Billericay 41%

Concord 7%

Other 7%

My favourite games are always derby’s, they always throw form out the window and frankly the atmosphere is cracking, but I have to say my most favourite memory in recent years was our 1-0 away win at ‘Ricay. The whole day was perfect; a great, hard fought match followed by Billericay announcing that the packed away end built to hold 800 housed ‘252 away fans’. Anyone there will be able to clarify that it was most likely a couple of hundred more than that, but the attendance wasn’t important, what was important was Murphy dinking it over the keeper and netting our goal in the last 20 minutes of the game and the limbs that followed. The 30 minutes of celebrations afterwards and the absolute slaughter on twitter for days on end kicked off 2019 perfectly for me.

But when it comes down to which clubs I see as our biggest rivals, here is my list of the top 5, please feel free to tweet me @unofficialCCFC about your own opinions. Remember this is just my personal take…

1.Braintree 2.Billericay 3.Dartford 4.Bishops Stortford 5. Colchester United

You may be reading this after one or two of the derby games, and if so, I hope there’s been a good result or two for the clarets. I hope you all have great Christmases, make sure you drink too much and eat a lot, be grateful for your family, and make as much noise as you can home and away for the lads. There’s been a lot of animosity in the fanbase recently and I think this period could do a lot to help us get together behind the MT and squad.

Merry Christmas, Happy new year and Up the Clarets.