What is it good for? Quite a lot, actually

The following quote was highlighted on Twitter today, taken from this afternoon’s matchday programme for the game against Braintree. These words came from one of the club’s directors and angered me greatly for the out-of-touch, backwards-thinking mentality it portrays of the club at it’s highest level.

See for yourself:

To paraphrase Edwin Starr’s hit record “War”: War, what is it good for ‘absolutely nothing’. I view social media in the same context, what is it for good (sic) ‘absolutely nothing’. I was going to comment on the use and usefulness of this media, but I am going to save that for a rainy day

To make these comments in private would be worrying enough, but to do so publicly and openly in the matchday programme just baffles me completely. To question the importance and effectiveness of social media in the modern age of football is simply laughable and perhaps uncovers some of the deep-seated problems that have plagued the football club over recent years.

Chelmsford City have the fourth highest Twitter following in the division, behind Dartford, Braintree and Welling. Almost 13,000 people follow the club’s official Twitter feed, with a further 1700 “likes on Facebook. For a club that averages around 900 for a home game, another 16 times that amount are following the ups and downs of our club online, a number that can’t simply be ignored or dismissed.

I would guess that(hopefully) these words are more specifically referring to the sometimes negative comments, rumours and speculation that surround the club’s ownership, players and other often contentious issues. I appreciate that sometimes conjecture on such matters isn’t always helpful, but fans speaking out publicly about their concerns can also bring forth change which may otherwise not happen so I firmly believe that all opinions have their place.

Whatever your opinions on social media, there is no denying that it has a huge part to play in promoting the Football Club in a positive light. Previously, Chelmsford City have made fantastic use of Twitter in many aspects, something which seems to have dropped down their list of priorities in recent years, I just hope those at the top really do see the benefits of maintaining a strong online presence. In this day and age, it really is the key to getting future generations through the gates and helping the club move forwards.