Haines: I’ve never wanted to play anywhere else

After the 2-0 victory over Truro City, I spoke to Mark Haines about his thoughts on the game and his City career.

Hi Mark, a good 2-0 win over Truro this afternoon. What did you make of it?
We made it tough for ourselves. We were obviously the better team but there were chances out there that we should have been scoring. If you ask their manager and we’d won 6-0, he couldn’t say we didn’t deserve it because we did. Created a lot of chances and hopefully going further on into the season they will go in to the back of the net.

You are Chelmsford’s record appearance maker but your chances this season so far have been limited. Now that Bushy (Chris Bush) has gone to Ebbsfleet, do you think that you can form a good partnership with Mickey Spillane?
Oh yeah definitely. I want to wish Bushy all the best, I was here with him last season and we had quite a good partnership. But, he has obviously left the door open for me now and I’ve played enough games at Chelmsford to know what I need to do. It’s not as if I’ve just come in to the team with no experience, so there’s no nerves or anything and I think I deserve to be in the team.

We look ahead to the Essex Derby against Concord on Monday. Always a tough game down at Concord isn’t it?
Yeah, we know we will have to roll our sleeves up for that one. But we done the same today and if we just finish off our chances and play as well as we did today, we’ll have no trouble.

In your time at City, you have become a sort of fans favourite at Melbourne. Has that helped you want to stay at Chelmsford City knowing that the fans are behind you?
Well yeah. I’ve never wanted to leave, there was talk and rubbish about me going but I didn’t want to go. I want to stay here, this is my local team and I just want to keep notching on those appearances.