Rod: Lee Barnard was a complete centre forward

Ok Rod, good result today, and you mentioned it in your interview there that the fans listened to you on Thursday didn’t they?

Yeah. Obviously at that Q&A you only get a certain amount with the supporters club. I would like to sit down and talk to all of them if I can because we are a club and within that you have a supporters club. But the messages I said the other day, they go out to all of them. That is what they’ve seen here today – different class. Forget what happens around us, whose won whose lost, they’ve seen something today that they’ll be proud of. I always dedicate performances to the supporters and the football club but if I’m honest, I dedicate today to Churchy and when you look at the situation today playing for 75 minutes with 10 men, against one of the favourites. We can appeal that we’ve just found out because it was never a sending off but listen, I don’t want to go over that. We were fantastic! That was dedicated to all you fans, dedicated to Churchy and dedicated to my players for how hard they worked whether they was in the squad, on the bench or outside the squad, we were different class and we will put an appeal in.

Rightly or wrongly, the sending off occurred and a lot of fans were impressed with Lee Barnard today as he essentially done the work of two strikers.

I’ve just said that in there. Lee Barnard for me today was a complete centre forward. Whether your scoring goals or not, without Lee today we don’t win that game because he was so astute with his play, he knew when to drop in and when not to. His hold up play and everything was brilliant and you can see why he’s had a career as a pro. But it wasn’t just him, you look at Greeny (Danny Green), Scotty Davies’ decision making was tremendous, Jim was in there battling and everybody that’s been involved today, let’s go and enjoy it.

A few players, especially Mickey Spillane really put their bodies on the line today towards the end when they were getting lots of shots in. Mickey threw himself in front of one to head it off the line at the death.

Yeah, that’s Mickey Spillane who is the best centre half in the league. And you’ve got to give some dedication to young Chris as well, he’s come in from a pro club and he’s been outstanding and the boy’s getting better and better. I spoke to Mick McCarthy in the week who gave me a lot of his time, I absolutely appreciate everything he’s done for us in letting him come to the club and he was fantastic again today, he’s turning into a man overnight. But that’s nothing Mick McCarthy never told me, he said he is a good player and he has got a bright future.

We go to Chippenham next week and you want the same from the fans then don’t you: 100% behind the lads.

Spot on. Two nil down, behind us. We will go to the death every game whether it is a cup game, league game, Essex Senior game – we go to the death. We’re proving that and this club’s in good places and that goes out to the takeover. People like Johnny Holmes and people like that, Steve Shore, this is what you’re going to be getting. This is the type of club that we want to give you when you come into the driving seat. So big shout out to them because once it’s done we will be even stronger.

Are we expecting Chris Dickson to be back next week?

Dicko, to be fair, could’ve been involved today. But I thought Kudus worked hard up there on Monday and I’m fair – if people do well they get the nod and that’s why we kept him out today and stuck with Kudus.

Lastly, what’s your favourite song from the Claret Army?

Well I suppose it’s got to be mine!