Theophanous loving his time with “flying” Clarets

After the 3-1 win over Welling United on Easter Monday, I spoke to Claret frontman Louie Theophanous.

Hello Louie, you’ve been at Chelmsford for quite a while now and it is safe to say you hit the ground running after scoring a few minutes into your debut against Eastbourne.
Yeah. It’s gone as well as it could possibly go. We’re flying as a team at the minute, obviously secured in the play-offs now. Great to get goals as well and I love playing with the boys here so it’s going really well.

You seem to have formed a partnership with Dicko (Chris Dickson) up top. Jeffers is our top scorer this season, Elliott Buchanan was league top scorer last season but you seem to have kept them out of the team.
Yeah. The manager picks the team at the end of the day and me and Dicko obviously have a good partnership when we play together. I think that shows how good the players are in the team that we have got players like them (Shaun & Elliott) coming in off the bench.

Obviously, you joined us from St Albans who were chasing promotion but sort of fell away after Christmas. As you’ve said, we have secured play offs. Do you think we just have to focus now on getting the momentum going into the likely games against Dartford?
Yeah 100%. You’ve got to go there in good form, in good spirit and that’s what we’ve done so far, so hopefully we go on to Bath and Hungerford and win them.

There has been a bit of an issue this week with both Poole and Hungerford being told they can’t compete in the play offs. What are your thoughts on that? As obviously, the 7th placed team, likely Hampton could compete and even go up thanks to a technicality.
Yeah, it’s a funny one. We’ve just got to focus on ourselves to be honest. We need to be ready for whoever. It would be nice to know exactly who is going to be there. But we have got to be able to adapt.

You have always been a thorn in Chelmsford’s side. You always seemed to score against us. How did Rod convince you to join us when you left St Albans?
I like to play for managers that can motivate me. He definitely gets all of the players up for it. I knew there were good players here, got wingers like Robbie so I knew I was going to get my goals in and enjoy my time here. That was it pretty much, it’s a new challenge for me and I was up for it.